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Last year on December 15th, Marco Harmsen delivered his inaugural speech entitled ‘Doe het zelven voor gevorderden’ (DIY for professionals) for his chair on Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine at the University of Groningen. You can find the text of his speech (Dutch) via the website of the RUG. Marco Harmsen is appointed at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Groningen en says himself ‘This research really fits me. I love it to discover new things. Science, in particular basic research, requires you to be creative’.

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Vici grant for Ingrid Meulenbelt

Vici Ingrid


Ingrid Meulenbelt (LUMC) was nominated by the Dutch Society for Scientific Research (NWO) to receive a prestigious Vici-grant of 1.5 million euros for her research of osteoarthritis (OA).

The project will investigate the biological basis of the most important molecular differences in joint tissues of OA patients. Subsequently, differences will be mimicked in vitro to search for efficient OA treatment options. "What we want to accomplish in the end is to be able to diagnose the OA-subtype at an early stage and apply a fitting treatment", says Ingrid (source: LUMC).

For more information about the research of Ingrid Meulenbelt: click here.

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