Summer Symposium - Senescence


We are pleased to announce our Senescence Symposium as of September 16th, hosted at TNO Locatie Utrecht - Utrecht Castel (Princetonlaan 8 • 3584 CB Utrecht).


The Symposium will start at 9.30hr and close with networking drinks around 16.30hr.

If you are interested to attend the Symposium please register here.




Confirmed presenters:

  • Prof. dr. Rob Coppes (UMCG): “Radiation-induced cellular senescence, the stem cell niche and regeneration of salivary glands”
  • Dr. Corry-Anke Brandsma (UMCG): “Cellular senescence as a driver of extracellular matrix dysregulation in COPD”
  • Dr. Vered Raz (LUMC): “Alternative polyadenylation and translation efficiency tune cell senescence and muscle cell differentiation”
  • Dr. Peter de Keizer (UMCU): “Heterogeneity in Cellular Senescence and Development of Tailored Therapeutics”
  • Dr. Roberto Narcisi (ErasmusMC): “Impact of cellular senescence on stem cell differentiation”
  • Prof. dr. Roel Goldschmeding (UMCU): “Cellular senescence and fibrosis”
  • Dr. Marco Demaria (UMCG): “To kill or not to kill: characterization of the pleiotropic functions of senescence for therapy development”



Attendees and members will receive a payment receipt at the meeting.

Two weeks or less prior to the meeting, refund is not possible anymore.

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