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Information about upcoming Conferences 2019:

For more information about the NVMB Annual Meeting taking place in May click here.

Information about other Meetings, Conferences and Courses in 2019 that may be of interested for those working in the field of cell and extracellular matrix biology:



    • 'Regenerative Medicine' July 8-12 in Utrecht (Link).
    • '3D Printing and Biofabrication' July 15-19 in Utrecht (Link).


 Matricellular Proteins FASEB Science Research Conference  July 14-19  Lisbon, Portugal  Link
 EMBO|EMBL Mechanical Forces in Development  July 3-6  Heidelberg, Germany  Link
 Collagen Gordon Research Conference  July 14-19  New London, USA  Link
 European Biotechnology Congress  October 21-22  Zurich, Switzerland  Link
 International MicroNanoConference  December 10-11  Utrecht, Netherlands  Link


For other conferences and more information:




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